Lessons In : the panama hat

April 01, 2013

My father has had his panama hat for as long as I can remember, yet it wasn't until I rediscovered it last weekend that I realized after some research how incredible these hats really are. My father has had his forever and forever timeless is the style, yet after searching for just the right feel I became aware of how particular and (expensive) these hats are. The panama hat is all about the grade, yet there is no universal grading scale. The terms Fino Fino or Super Fino is what one would most likely be looking for, a weave so fine that it can bend fold and pop right back into shape. These beauties can run up to $7,500 (eheheh). Yet after researching the lesser not so Fino grade hats, that have with a stiff weave and will most likely break, unravel, and last one season. We are opting for the fino fino grade that will be timelessly in your spring/summer ensamble for years as well as something to pass down. 

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